Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski
Bishop of the Catholic Church. Head of the Department of Theology of Spirituality of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław. Associated with the Światło-Życie and Charismatic Movement. Currently involved in the work on CHARIS. Bishop Andrzej has been a friend of the ENC network for many years.

Johannes Fichtenbauer
Johannes is the president of the ENC and part of moderating team of CHARIS, responsible for communities. Johannes was born 1956 in Vienna, Austria. He has been married to his wife Christi for almost 40 years. They have 4 children and 3 grand children.  Johannes and Christi were involved in the beginnings of the Charismatic Renewal of the Catholic Church in the early 1970’s.  They founded – together with other leaders –  an ecumenical charismatic covenant community, which played a central role in promoting the unity of the Body of Christ in Austria.

Mario Tomasik
Mário (47 years old) is the vice president of ENC and also the leader of the Martindom community in Slovakia which he co-founded almost 30 years ago. The community has over 250 adult members and around 150 kids. He experienced a revival of his faith in 1992. After which he studied philosophy and theology. He has helped establish multiple communities all around Slovakia and preaches both in Slovakia and in other countries. A large part of his ministry is concerned with the growth of leaders.

Walter Gubler
Born in Switzerland, married and father of four children.
After serving the Community of Reconciliation in southern France for four years, he moved to Israel 26 years ago.
He is leading the Community in Israel, is member of the leadership team of Community of Reconciliation and since 12 years serving in the ENC Council.


Rūta Šalaševičienė
Rūta is from Lithuania. Together with her husband Antanas they have 5 children and four grandchildren. Rūta is the coordinator of the Living Stones Community, she has served in the mission of Living Stones for more than thirty years. She is also a leader at the Adult Catechesis Ministries of Kaunas Archdiocese. This year she was elected to serve as the president of Lithuanian Network of Communities. She has been a member of the ENC Council for fifteen years.