13-14 November, 2020

Online and National Gatherings in Bratislava, Jerusalem, Kaunas, London,
Lviv, Mostar, Santander, Vienna, Wrocław and other cities.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

We warmly invite you to join ENC Gathering 2020 from your home city!

This year we all cannot meet in Wroclaw as planned, however, we can meet in our national ENC networks and join all the ENC family in different countries using video streaming.

We will connect national meetings of ENC communities to a set of continuous worship, sharing and celebration. We will hear and see our friends from different countries and cities. And of course, we will experience a family-like meeting with our brothers and sisters from national communities.

Therefore, we invite all of you who can meet, please meet in bigger or smaller national groups. If you can, please go to one of the meeting points from where the live streaming will be made (Bratislava, Jerusalem, Kaunas, London, Lviv, Mostar, Santander, Vienna, Wrocław and other cities). If you cannot, please organize a bigger or smaller meeting in your city. If you cannot this either, just join the ENC Gathering on the internet (interpretation will be provided!).

Due to these changes we will reimburse 100% the fee you have already paid for the ENC Gathering 2020 in Wroclaw. By the end of October you should receive your money to the same account from which you have paid. If you have any questions concerning the reimbursement, please contact ENC administrator Martynas.

Of course, we warmly invite you to donate at your free choice for the technical-organizational maintenance of this semi-online ENC Gathering.

Further please find the new ENC Gathering program.

Be blessed, be safe and let’s meet in bigger or smaller groups nationally and online as all ENC family!
ENC Gathering 2020 Team


GATHERING Friday, 13th November. e-join session 1. [ English | Polish ]

18:00 Opening and Greeting by Presidential Team of ENC from Bratislava

18:20 Worship Song. St. Martin Community

18:30 Prophecy of Dominic for us during this time. Dominic McDermott

18:45 Worship. St. Martin Community

19:05 The challenge of our Corona-Time – What is God teaching us?
           Sharings from East- and West-Europe: Croatia, Izrael, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Spain, United Kingdom

19:35 Discernment – The charism for such a time as thisMario Tomasik

20:15 Worship. St. Martin Community

20:45 Announcements

21:00 End

GATHERING Saturday, 14th Nov.  e-join session 2 [ English | Polish ]

10:00 Opening & Welcome from Wrocław

10:05 Worship. Hallelu Jah Community

10:20 Our Communities – Gods answer to Vatican II, to the Charismatic Renewal and to such a time as this.
           Western European Perspective Josué Fonseca

10:45 F.I.R.E. – The ENC vocation – answering the prophetic challenge 
           Introduction Gavin Farley

11:10 F – How to become more of A Family of Communities? Panel Discussion, Bratislava, Lviv, Biel

11:35 Worship Song. Hallelu Jah Community

11:40 I – Influence into European Society – witness of a political change in Slovakia. (Witness)
           interview with Eduard Heger
          testimony from Romania

12:00 R – Renewal – Changing the Live of the Church (Witness)           
Walter Dürr from Jahu
           testimony from Lithuania

12:30 Midday-Brake

15:30 Welcome & Worship. Hallelu Jah Community. e-join session 3  [ English | Polish ]

16:05 The 3 challenges of Pope Francis to our communities (3 Statements on the E) Rūta Sala

  • Ecumenism Tomasz Piechnik, UKR Living fire community
  • Everybody Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Dolos Alonso
  • Evangelization through Acts of Mercy. John Proctor

16:35 Introduction to rescue ministry video. Svitlana Halak from Kyiv, Maranatha community

16:45 Christian Rescue Ministry in the war-fields of East-Ukraine
           video from Ukraine,
Summary and leading the prayer Rūta Sala

16:55 Worship Songs for up front. Hallelu Jah Community

17:10 ENC – Where we are going? Johannes Fichtenbauer

18:00 Brake

18:20 Shabbat. lead & organized by Living Stones Community from Lithuania.
e-join session 4 English | Polish ]

19:20 Blessing. Final word. Johannes Fichtenbauer

19:30 Song „Blessing“ by Living Stones Community

19:40 End